EAE Group Companies

EAE GROUP started its journey in the electricity sector in 1973 with EAE Electic. EAE Group has expanded group activities by respectively establishing  EAE Lighting in 1983, EAE Machinery in 1996, EAE Electrotechnic in 2004, EAE Italy in 2007, EAE Technology in 2009, EAE Germany in 2019, EAE Australia in 2019 and EAE USA in 2019. 



EAE Electric, the first company of EAE Group of Companies, was established in 1973.

EAE Electric maintains its headquarters in Istanbul and its production facilities located in Gebze with an enclosed area of ​​140,000 m².

Busbar Energy Distribution Systems are manufactured by utilizing state of the art equipment at our 95.000 m² enclosed facility for the domestic and international markets. Mechanical and Seismic Suspension Systems and Cable Tray Systems, are manufactured at the EAE Cable Tray and Suspension Systems facility.

With an extensive authorised dealer network in Turkey, EAE Electric furthermore our products are exported to more than 100 countries.

EAE Electric products are used in industrial facilities, textile industry, business centres, automotive industry, malls,skyscrapers, factories and offices, etc.

    EAE Electric products include:
  • Busbar Power Distribution Systems
  • Lighting Busbar Systems
  • Underfloor Ducting Systems
  • Trolley Busbar Systems
  • Fit-Out Solutions
  • Cable Trays
  • Support Systems


EAE Lighting, a member of the EAE Group which is among the world's leading manufacturers in the electro-mechanics industry, was established in 1983.

EAE Lighting continues its R&D activities to create products that are compatible with modern lighting techniques.

EAE Lighting keeps operation costs to a minimum and invests in continuous improvement in order to create a working environment that is comfortable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

EAE is an "engineer of light" which focuses on professional indoor lighting. It always keeps energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind during its production processes.

EAE Lighting professional staff ensures that customer's needs are met during pre-sale project design and first class after sales service which guarantees smooth project delivery.

    EAE Lighting's products include:
  • Energy saving Industrial Lighting Solutions
  • Energy saving Office Lighting Products
  • Architectural and Store Lighting Systems
  • Energy saving Street Lighting Products


EAE Machinery was established in 1996, EAE Machinery manufactures Flat Steel Press Automation Systems and Roll Form Systems.

With more than 16 years experience EAE Machinery has been the frontrunner in advanced technology machinery equipment production.

Our products include: breakers with or without motor, band rectifiers, electronic roll drivers, winders, roll rectifier drivers, cut to size lines, flexible production lines, roll form machines, slicing and sizing lines, roll processing lines. Fully automated cut to size, multi-band preparation and perforation lines for these

In addition to standard lines, custom sheet metal processing lines designed and developed in accordance with customers' requirements are also included in EAE Electronic's production programme...



EAE Electrotechnic, a member of the EAE Group which is among the world's leading manufacturers in the electro-mechanics industry, was established in 2004.

Production in EAE Electrotechnic is expeditious and of high quality, and performed by taking into consideration all international standards and using the latest Technologies

Through its advanced production techniques and superior quality of its products, EAE Electrotechnic has become one of the leading companies in its field.

    Low Voltage Solutions:
  • Low Voltage Electric Panel (Panel Master)
  • Low Voltage Electric Cabinet (E-Kabin)


EAE ITALIA Srl., a member of the EAE Group which is among the country's leading manufacturers in the electro-mechanics industry, was established in 2007.

With its main office located in Milan, EAE is a 100% owned subsidiary of EAE Electric having 18 local dealers in Italy which market and sell the products of EAE Group. As a result of the close working relationship with EAE Group and the training received, the Italian personnel at EAE ITALIA Srl. transfers EAE's corporate culture to the Italian market.

EAE ITALIA Srl. supplies all EAE Group products to Italian customers and provides full technical and commercial support, achieving the company's primary objective: "Total Customer Satisfaction".



EAE Technology was established in 2009 as a member of EAE Group to create and provide pioneering hardware and software products and complete system solutions for building automation and management.

Our vision is to transform the current building automation industry via cutting edge user interface design and powerful back end algorithms.

We believe that creating energy efficient buildings having a comfortable atmosphere is simpler and more affordable than traditional solutions. We always provide expandable and interoperable solutions, fully customizable to customer's actual needs, avoiding proprietary, disconnected and closed system

To this end, we are proud to introduce Kinexa lighting management system, Hyperion visualization & control software and our basic line of KNX & DALI devices to the World, bringing future technology to the building infrastructure, software and field equipment.



EAE Germany GmbH; part of EAE Group, one of the prominent manufacturers in electromechanics industry, established in 2019 following EAE Italia in 2007.

EAE Germany provides all EAE Group products and quality to its German customers as well as providing on site technical support.

    Fields of operation of EAE Germany GmbH :
  • Busbar Energy Distribution Systems
  • Lighting Busbar Systems
  • Underfloor Duct Systems
  • Trolley Busbar Systems
  • Internal Wiring Solutions
  • Cable Ducts
  • Hanger Systems
  • Heavy Industry Lighting Solutions
  • Logistics Lighting Solutions
  • Automotive and Automotive related Industry Lighting Solutions
  • Marine Port Lighting Solutions
  • Airport Lighting Solutions
  • Office Lighting Solutions
  • Market Lighting Solutions
  • Street Lighting Solutions
  • Decorative Lighting Solutions
  • PanelMaster Low Voltage Type Tested Panel Systems
  • Low Voltage Electrical Enclosures


EAE Australia is a part of EAE Group, a world leading manufacturer of energy distribution systems. EAE Group exports its solutions to more than 100 countries. In Australia, EAE began its operations in 2019 providing innovative solutions to the data center industry with a dedicated team of engineers.

Since then it has expanded its offering to projects such as airports, metros, hospitals, industrial facilities, sky scrapers, shopping centres and majör infrastructure developments.



EAE USA Inc. was established in 2019 and is the EAE Group company responsible for the sale of all EAE Group products in the United States of America.

EAE USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EAE Group headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. EAE USA Inc. has dedicated sales and operations team committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers throughout the United States of America.