Oil & Gas General Information

EAE, which is the leading manufacturer of busbars for the oil and gas industry,that aims to bring engineering to the forefront with its reliable and innovative solutions. These busbars and associated products are preferred in many industrial projects around the world. With its enormous manufacturing capability it provides products and services to large scale industrial projects. With its highly skilled and experienced staff, it perceives customer requirements and offers the required services in a formidable manner within the framework of the concept of project management.

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3D Design

Thanks to today's technological infrastructure, 3D Modelling programs have developed considerably thereby adding value to your engineering projects. We have product libraries consisting of AVEVA and Smartplant 3D design programs for E-Line KCA OG series cable ladders.

Key Features

Customer Driven Design: EAE Data Center Solutions

Pipes of various diameters are used for liquid and gas transfer in industrial projects, and pipe racks are used to support these pipes within the facility. In order to reduce the costs of the project, the pipe rack support distances are increased by up to 6 meters. E-Line KCA OG , KCA AL and KCA GRP series high performance cable ladders can be cabled on the same pipe rack without extra support installation. EAE cable ladders are NEMA 20C certified with a single span 6mr suspension spacing,150kg/mr load capacity, which is the best in its class.

Lean Production - EAE

E-Line KCA GRP and CTA GRP series products are glass reinforced polyester cable ladder and tray systems. It has a life expectancy of over 25 years in the most aggressive chemical and atmospheric corrosion environments. Because of these features these products are effectively utilised in treatment plants, chemical processes, ports, mines, ship building, offshore structures, livestock and biogas energy sector etc. It is recommended for use in projects where high corrosion resistance is required.

Innovative Approcah - Data Center Solutions

E-line CR and CCR products perform exceptionally well in harsh outdoor conditions. IP68 "DUROCOMP" composite material, consisting of specially selected pure silicon minerals and epoxy resin, with high temperature and mechanical working resistance, protects the E-Line CR busbar from external effects. The E-Line CCR product group has a compact appearance due to its newly developed Aluminium body structure and has IP68 protection class. E-Line CR series Busbar energy distribution system is notably preferred in the gas industry, such as LNG plants, due to its ATEX certification.

Industrial Projects

Oil and Gas Facilities

  • Off-Shore Platforms
  • Refineries
  • Pipelines and compressor stations
  • Tank Areas
  • LNG Storage Facilities
  • Oil extraction wells

Petrochemical Facilities (Polymer Industry)

  • Olefin(Ethylene/Propylene/Butadine), Aromatic(Benzene/Toluene/Xylene) and Methanol Plants
  • Ammonia and Urea Plants
  • HDPE/PP/Methanol/Butadiene plants

Power Plants

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Combined and Simple Cycle Natural Gas Power Plants
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Geothermal Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Garbage and Sludge Incineration Plants

Marine Vessels

  • FSRU and FSPO ships
  • LNG transport vessels


Seawater Treatment Plants

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Usage Areas

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Petrochemical Icons
Petrochemical Icons
LNG Icons
Offshore-Onshore Icons
Oil & Gas Industry Mining Icons
Power Plants Icons
Power Plants

Busbar Energy Distribution Systems

EAE can provide high power energy distribution in your energy centers with low voltage and medium voltage Busbar Energy Distribution systems, and can offer a full project management together with 3D project design and supervisor service. E-Line Busbar energy distribution solutions appear as the most effective solution for Prefabricated Electricity Centers, which has emerged as a concept in industrial projects in recent years. Thanks to our experience, we serve our customers with the most suitable designs and solutions in compact structures.

Cable Tray Systems

If the electrical distribution system of an industrial facility is thought of as the circulatory system that carries the blood in our body, we can think of the instrumentation infrastructure as the nervous system. Therefore, the problem-free operation of both systems is very important for the continuity of the facility. E-line cable carrier systems for these two cabling systems meet the high-level requirements of industrial projects with its wide product range. In addition, we manufacture primary and It has a life expectancy over 25 years in the most intense chemical and atmospheric corrosion environments. Because of these features; treatment plants, chemical processes, ports, mines, ship bıilding, offshore structures, livestock and biogas energy sector etc. It is recommended in projects where high corrosion resistance needed.

Support Systems

E-Line A-A and E Line MFIX support solutions are available for general electrical (Busbar - Cable Tray Systems) and mechanical (fire extinguisher, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) installations. E-Line Seismic Support system offer seismic support solutions for continuity of electrical energy during earthquakes.