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Electrical power distribution is vital for any building. The distribution products need to be selected carefully in order to obtain the safest, reliable and long lasting system.

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Why EAE?


The chemical pollutants that are generated from products and materials that we use at our homes and workspaces like furniture, pieces of equipment, and building materials, whereby These materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can negatively affect our health. Since our heating and cooling systems recirculate the same air in all the rooms, means that VOCs remain inside the buildings, therefore posing problems. The Greenguard Environmental Institute is an independent organization that certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions. Products that are certified by Greenguard have to meet stringent standards and emission limits for indoor use in schools, daycare, and other areas. Rest assured that any product with the Greenguard Gold certification will not emit significant chemical compounds into the air which is scientifically proven to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure. EAE power Busbar systems was certified by Greenguard in 2015

  • Fire Resistance Tests IEC 60331-1 (Circuit Integrity Under Fire for E–LINE KX)
  • IEC 60331-1 1000°C-3 Hours - BRE, UK
  • IEC 60331-1 950°C-3 Hours – TUV, Singapore
  • IEC 60331-1 1000°C-2 Hours - DEKRA, Holland
  • BS 8491 842°C-2 Hours - BRE, UK
  • (Sprinkler Water+Mechanical Impact)
  • EN 50399 Low Heat and Low Smoke Release
  • B1/S1 dO – Dekra, Holland
  • Fire Resistance & Circuit Integrity Tests for E-Line KX with Plug in Tap Off Box
  • IEC 60331-1 830 C - over 3 hours, Magnetic MCCB - DEKRA, Holland
  • IEC 60331-1 830 C - over 3 hours, NH Fuses - DEKRA, Holland
  • Flame Propagation Test IEC 60332-3 (IEC 61439-6,10.101)
  • Fire Barrier Test - 2 Hours ISO 834-1 (IEC 61439-6,10.102 )
  • EAE Seismic support systems offer perfect solutions for installations where earthquake protection is required.
  • Seismic supports which can be utilized in all kinds of installations ensure easy and quick mounting due to the accessory design for steel-beam and space frame connections.

RoHS directives were published and implemented as of the 1st of July 2006 to all members of this protocol worldwide. These directives are to limit the use of hazardous materials like Pb, Hg, Cd in Electrical and Electronic parts .These type of materials have a serious impact on human health.
EAE ELEKTRIK adheres to the protocols of the RoHS directives to minimise the risk to human health,product safety and environmental affects on the environment and human health, as stated in the RoHS directives.
This is confirmed by the RoHS certificate by having the components used in the products manufactured are tested separately.


EAE ELEKTRIK can manufacture a special Busbar systems for the healthcare environment in stainless steel metal or polyester epoxy. EAE also has stainless steel cable trays in various sizes and types that can be safely used wherever needed. Floor boxes can be manufactured with stainless steel covers and frames.


The housing of any type of model or rating Busbar can be painted in any colour as selected by the client in order to match the building or room aesthetics. Polyester epoxy paint with a minimum of 75 micron thickness on the housing provides a superior strength against environmental conditions. Similar requirements can be applied to our Cable tray system. This process is done at EAE’s in-house facility as per QA/ QS procedures. Several steps regarding chemical surface preparation, acidic treatments for degreasing and applying the required coats of paint on the surface of metal sheets are adhered to.


Conductive materials forms a magnetic field when electric current flows through them. Magnetic field is related to magnitude of current, distance between conductors and conductor body. In cases where low EMC values are mandatory (health centres, offices, data centres etc.), it is of utmost importance to minimize the magnetic induction value. Busbar systems with their aluminium or sheet metal bodies, compact structures and the configuration of the conductors in the housing significantly assist in the reduction of electromagnetic fields. A Complete range of EAE Busbar products are tested and are EMC certified. EMC measurements manufactured on custom designed EAE Busbar systems proved that using aluminium housings decreases the EMC and potential hazard levels.


EAE ELEKTRIK can manufacture a special Busbar systems for the healthcare environment in stainless steel metal or polyester epoxy. EAE also has stainless steel cable trays in various sizes and types that can be safely used wherever needed. Floor boxes can be manufactured with stainless steel covers and frames.


E-LINE FL Indoor Busbar Trunking Systems can be mounted on any structure or surface using brackets. They can be used separately for power or UPS sockets requirements when needed. Power and UPS sockets with aesthetic design with different colour options can be installed without any hand tools at desired points. E-LINE FL BUSBAR is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 standards with a certified quality management system using the world’s latest manufacturing technologies. Units are designed and tested according to IEC 61439-6, IEC 61534-1 and IEC 60884-1. The phase conductor structure is protected against finger contact and dust using a screen system along the length of the busbar. In cases where the socket is live the socket is secured into position using a special locking system. Sockets do not detach, due to the clamping structure.


Bolt-on tap off is an unique technology to extract power up to 1000 A at block joints therefore providing flexible solution. EAE tap off boxes are compatible with World wide brands of circuit breakers and switches. All metal enclosure type tap-off boxes can be supplied ;

  • With any type, model, brand of breakers
  • With any gland type or with a blank gland plate
  • Any required colour of housing
  • Has an electrical interlocking mechanism
  • Has a mechanical interlocking mechanism
  • Has IP55 protection degree
  • Has tulip contacts made of silver plated copper
  • Can be tailor made to any size

Smart: Off the shelf products ready for use and equipped with power (mains/ ups), data, telephone and multimedia sockets for desks in meetings and presentations rooms. Raw material used in all our plastic parts are manufactured out of polycarbonate (PC) and is halogen free and is within V0 flame retardant class according to UL 94 standard. Product selections with optional exclusively designed box, equipped with Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Residual Current Device (RCD) or Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBO).

Cable Organizer: To connect strong current, weak current and multimedia cables from the flooring to the desks in work environments

Grommet:With its small and compact structure, it can be used as a 6 module socket box. Besides if required, with suitable MCB, RCB or RCBO plate, it can be utilized for cable outlets from floor to desk. Gasket shielded window that enables comfortable and secure outlets with multiple cables.

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