Our Wage and Fringe Benefit Management

Wage Determination;
A "job evaluation" system, independent from titles, based upon the content of the job is applied in EAE A.Ş. Job substantiality is enumerated on the basis of ranks and thus the wage policies are determined accordingly.

Our main strategy in our wage system is to evaluate the total income of the employees according to the current wage market and determine fair and competitive corporate policies. Personnel base wages are assessed once a year in accordance with the wage researches conducted on country basis, economic indicators, solvency of the corporation, employee performance and intracompany equilibriums.

Facilities Provided to Entire Employees
The fringe benefits that our company provides to its employees are divided into two.

1 - Facilities Provided to Entire Employees

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Private Pension for the ones completing certain length of service
  • Social Benefits (financial aid for Marriage, Birth and Funeral aid in case of death of a relative)
  • Training for supporting occupational and personal developments of employees
  • Lunch
  • Personnel Transport Service

2 - Facilities Provided to Employee Due to Duties Thereof

  • Vehicle allocation
  • Mobile phone line allocation
  • Mobile phone allocation
  • Meal ticket