Internship Opportunities

As EAE A.Ş.; we are aiming to identify the future potential human resources of our corporation while providing assistance to the development of students through the internship opportunity we provide to high school and university students and helping them to prepare for their careers.

High School Internship:

  • Applications for high school internships are accepted between May-June on an annual basis and the internship takes place between September-June which is a school period.
  • The requests of the departments such as student numbers, occupational areas and internship days shall be determined under the coordination of the Human Resources Department throughout the corporation by the "High School Trainees Contingency Questionnaire" in April of every year.
  • The requirement of trainees identified by the questionnaire shall be consolidated by the Human Resources Department and sent to the relevant school directorates.
  • Occupational training agreements of the students with their internship program finalized shall be delivered to the Human Resources Department by the relevant schools at the beginning of the academic year and the internship process shall then be initiated accordingly.
  • An orientation program including brief introduction of the corporation and the applications shall be given to the students in the first week of the internship.

University Internship:

  • Applications for university internships are accepted between March-May on an annual basis. The applications shall be assessed in accordance with the prequalification criteria and the trainee candidates deemed suitable shall be accepted as the trainees.
    • Prequalification Criteria:
    • The department of study for the student is required to be relevant to the corporate business processes,
    •  Department trainee contingencies,
Candidates satisfying the above-cited criteria shall be placed in accordance with the requirements of the departments. Candidates shall be informed via e-mail whether they are accepted for internship or not.