Our Human Resources Policy

EAE A.Ş. aims to contribute to the country by means of the technological products manufactured and by applying the contemporary human resource methods, while designing and manufacturing the 'firsts' and 'best of' in its area of activity;

  • Performing selection and placement
  • Developing skills and development of employees
  • Supporting continuous learning and development by prioritizing the personal and occupational developments of the employees
  • Acting with the principle of 'sharing information is essential', training of the staff personnel by the directors of all departments.

EAE A.Ş., strongly believes that the most precious capital is human resources therefore proceeds on its way with its corporate culture in which reciprocal trust and respect dominate, where participation, diversification and multi-vocality is supported.

Our fundamental starting point in our human resources approach is to carry EAE A.Ş. into the future includes the following;

  • Our Values,
  • Our corporate culture incorporating our values,
  • Principles of our business ethics (our ethical values),
  • Rules and regulations.

Our human resources strategy is to create a labour force focused on the corporation objectives, working as a team with hands on knowledge, manufacturing, continuously developing and evolving with high motivation and loyalty. We reflect our mutual values in our management style and consider that as indispensable.

We place substantial significance at every stage and level, and do not refrain from investing in people for the purpose of preparing our employees for a bright future.