Recruitment Process

Our objective as EAE A.Ş. is to bring in the best talent meeting with our corporate culture within our corporation.

Being "result-oriented", "open to development and changes", ability to work as a "team" and being "proactive" are the fundamental competences we seek in the candidates and the common attributes are as follows;

  • Dedication to succeed,
  • Willingness and determination,
  • Strong communication skills,
  • Tendency for team work,
  •  Ability to adapt changes.

All applications filed to our corporation are saved on the EAE A.Ş. Human Resources CV database and retained and maintained strictly in accordance with the confidentiality principles.

Searching for candidates is performed primarily within the CV database for the vacant positions in accordance with the workforce planning of EAE A.Ş. and job postings are placed on various mediums. A pool consisting of candidates meeting the qualifications/experiences required for the sought position and the recruitment process shall then be initiated accordingly.

During our recruitment process;

  • Candidates approved within the candidate pool shall be invited for interview.
  • Personality inventory and foreign language proficiency test and aptitude test, if required by the position, shall be applied to the candidates deemed suitable as a result of the preliminary interview conducted by the EAE AS Human Resources Department.
  •  Human Resources, together with the relevant department director, shall conduct a second interview with the candidates deemed suitable after this stage for the purpose of querying common values and competencies.
  • Candidates that are deemed to be satisfactory upon completion of all those assessments shall be invited for the senior management interview.
  • Information on salary and fringe benefits along with the employment proposal shall be provided to the candidates deemed suitable for the position after that stage.
  • Upon the agreement of the candidate, employment procedures shall be completed, and the orientation process shall be initiated accordingly.